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Perth and Regional Building Inspections
Perth and Regional Building Inspections
Perth and Regional Building Inspections

Why do Postans Homeowners Need a Dilapidation Report?

Demolition, excavation and construction work can potentially cause damage to the surrounding properties such as yours.


It is highly recommended that anyone who is planning major renovations, extensions or construction projects should obtain a thorough dilapidation and condition report. Nearby demolition, infrastructure projects can result in building faults if proper measures are not in place.

By law, you may be required to produce dilapidation reports, however it is always recommended to invest in these reports as they can be the most efficient way to avoid potential litigation disputes.

A Dilapidation report is a conditional inspection and reports that can be undertaken on the behalf of either:

  • The owner or builder of the property where the demolition work is being undertaken can commission dilapidation inspections to be undertaken on all neighbouring properties, where the owner or builder want protection against unreasonable claims for damages caused by works.
  • The owner of a property which is adjacent to a property where demolition or construction is being undertaken wants additional protection against damage being caused to their property.

What does the Report provide?

A dilapidation report on your Postans home covers the essential areas of the property which could be negatively impacted by adjacent or neighbouring construction works. These include:

  • Internal walls, cornices, ceilings, floors.
  • External walls, paving, flooring, eave, windows, drives, crossovers, fences, retaining walls
  • Outbuildings and pergolas, patios, gazebos etc.

5 Reasons to choose matrix Inspections for your Postans dilapidation report

  • Experience: We have many years experience in creating clear and thorough dilapidation reports. This experience in the Postans area has given us a good eye for detecting deviations from the local building standards and codes.
  • Qualified: Our inspectors have and maintain builders registration. This provides our customers with a high level of knowledge and experience in construction in Western Australia.
  • Fully insured : We hold all the relevant insurances, including professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.
  • Simple Clear Reports: We adhere to and exceed all of the current Western Australian and Australian reporting standards - but that doesn't mean our reports are filled with confusing jargon and technicalities. Our reports are presented to you in clear English that anybody could understand to help you avoid misunderstanding all the technical jargon.
  • Going above and beyond: Our building reports meet all required standards for building reports. But our reports go above and beyond this by meeting and in some cases exceeding the optional standards.

Detailed Reports and Photographs

Whether the project is large or small Matrix Inspections provides the attention to detail in our inspection methodology and our written reports with photographs, that will help all parties if there are complaints that the works have caused damage.

Matrix Inspections is independent and impartial and because our inspectors are Experienced inspectors with many years of experience, they know what to look for and how to describe the locations and dimensions of any cracks or gaps.

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