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Smoke Alarm Requirements

New house owners are reminded that mains powered smoke alarms located inside new residential buildings (being Class 1 buildings, sole-occupancy units in Class 2 or 3 buildings and Class 4 parts of a building) are required to be interconnected where more than one alarm is required to be installed within the dwelling  or unit.  This requirement has been in place for buildings where the building permit application was lodged with the permit authority on or after 1 May 2015.

Take control of your building conditions

A building condition is often inserted in a contract by the real estate agent acting for the vendor. Would you be happy with this wording?

Practical Completion Help full hints

Practical completion is a term used by the building industry. It means the stage where all building work is complete or all but completed, in accordance with the building contract, and the house is fit for occupation.

Maintenance surveys Targeting Rentals and body corporate

Maintenance surveys and inspections

Every year, your owner’s corporation (formerly body corporate) or its delegate should inspect the common property and must review the maintenance plan. The results will help you determine the next work program and budget, to be presented at the annual general meeting for approval.

Roof Space Inspections

what we are looking for:
Insulation amount, installation  method
Ventilation - checking for blockages or damage
Fire Separation - fire resistant walls
uninvited animals - checking that any points of entry and ventilation points are not blocked

Structural Cracks

Cracking to various elements of a building are often unsightly however they often are not be structral.